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Bait Buster Glass Minnow Cast Nets 3/16" Sq. Mesh

Lee Fisher International, Inc.

Mesh 3/16" squared (3/8" stretched)
Material 0.20 mm diameter monofilament
Color White
Target Bait Bait Size 1" to 3". Glass minnow.

Standard Features

  • Hand crafted workmanship
  • 1.50 LB of lead per radius foot, fast sinker
  • Each lead is securely crimped to lead line, preventing movement and prolong life of net (Except for 1/2" sq. mesh Bait Busters)
  • 6 panel design
  • Patented Dragon Head swivel
  • 100 lb test brail line
  • 25 ft. handline
  • Packaged in a 3.5 gallon bucket with lid