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D-Barb & Cutter Stainless Steel Tool

Lee Fisher International, Inc.

The ultimate tool of the new millennium.

Patented D-Barb and cutter to help remove the hook from deep of fish mouth. 

Simply follow the line to the hook and press against the hook tip. Then slowly open the tool, allowing the hook barb to slip into the cutting area. Snip off the barb and remove the tool. You also can cut any section of hook besides the barb area.

There is the integral magnets will hold the cut portion of hook from the fish.

It also a great tool to cut braided line and mono fishing line.

Perfect tool to protect hooked fish from bleeding to survival on catch and release tournament or any type of fishing activities.

Also a great tool to remove the hook without bleeding if your hand hooked incidentally.

It is stainless steel for rusting, heavy duty come with a sheath.