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Trident Hook 2X Offset Circle

Lee Fisher International, Inc.

Ohero's 2X Circle Hook has a straight eye designed for heavier line and bigger fish. The offset point works well with cut bait or live baits. This hook design offers the highest hook up ratio.


  • Highest hook-up ratio
  • Straight eye and 2X strong shank
  • Ideal for presenting large live bait or cut bait to big game fish
  • Black chrome finish available in pocket pack or pro pack
Size & Quantity
Model 2/0 3/0 4/0 5/0 6/0
Pocket Pack (GK1163-) 6 pc. 5 pc. 5 pc. 4 pc. 3 pc.
Pro Pack (GK3263-) 32 pc. 28 pc. 22 pc. 20 pc. 17 pc.